Alpha Subdivison of Pagosa Springs

Alpha Subdivision

Pagosa Alpha Subdivision (Alpha), formed in 1969, is one of the oldest covenant-controlled communities in the Pagosa Springs, CO area. Alpha is nestled just outside and to the southwest of the Town of Pagosa Springs (see map, below). It is comprised of approximately 160 single-family parcels and covers approximately 1,280 acres.  Alpha is additionally controlled by Archuleta County Zoning restrictions of Agricultural Estate and Agricultural Ranching.

Alpha, when compared to nearby subdivisions, consists of large parcels, typically 5 to 40 acres, in forested or meadow environments.  Due to this character, many residents enjoy a rural lifestyle with livestock on their property while others enjoy living in a pine forest environment.

With Alpha’s close proximity to the Town of Pagosa Springs, residents enjoy the convenience of being close to town while living in an open-space, rural community.


Compliance with Alpha’s Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) is provided through the Alpha Committee of Architecture (ACA).  Authority for the ACA is defined in the CC&Rs. In 1994, the ACA was incorporated as a Colorado non-profit named the Alpha Subdivision Committee, Inc. (ASC). The ASC/ACA is comprised of seven volunteer Alpha homeowners. Construction within Alpha requires approval by the ASC/ACA before appropriate permits can be obtained from Archuleta County. Application for construction may be downloaded here. If you have questions for the ACA, please use the contact form


The Alpha Property Owners Association (APOA) is a voluntary membership organization formed in 1994 to improve, protect, and enhance the quality of life and preserve property values in Alpha.  The APOA Board is comprised of five volunteer Alpha homeowners.  The APOA functions to provide Alpha landowners a means to protect and affect the community’s character. The APOA may be reached using the contact form.