Want Some Help With Fire Mitigation?

hot air balloon over Alpha
A hot air balloon floating over the Alpha subdivision. Dry conditions in the area make our beautiful forests susceptible to wildfire.

Want some help with fire mitigation? The Wildfire Adapted Partnership (WAP) can help. As noted in a recent issue of the Pagosa Springs Sun, the WAP is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing residential wild land fire risk. 

Two of the primary ways they can help you is individual assessments for your home and financial help with mitigation.  You can contact them through their website (https://www.wildfireadapted.org) and request a representative come to your home and evaluate your specific risk, providing you with suggestions for bettering the chance of your homes survival in a wild land fire. The service is free.

WAP often has grant monies available to help individual homeowners with the cost of fire mitigation work on their property. They currently have funds available for chipping expenses. They will reimburse 50% of your cost, up to $250, for either chipper rental or paying someone else to chip your slash pile.

For more information and all the details go to wildfireadapted.org.