Why Should I pay APOA Voluntary Dues as An Alpha Resident?

View of Pagosa Peak from Alpha
  1. As a member in good standing who pays their dues I get to vote on the APOA Bylaws and for the selection of Board members.
  2. The dues are used to pay the accountant who does the annual tax return for APOA each year.
  3. The dues pay the annual Secretary of State fee for APOA.
  4. The dues pay the annual fee for the Post Office Box for APOA.
  5. The dues pay for the annual insurance for the APOA board.
  6. The dues pay for signs and any other incidentals used in Alpha.
  7. The dues pay for postage and supplies needed by the APOA secretary andthe APOA treasurer.
  8. The dues help pay the attorney fees for protecting the CC&Rs.
  9. The dues help to pay the fee of an attorney hired to defend lawsuits against Alpha Subdivision.
  10. The dues also are there to assist the ACA pay their expenses if need be.

It would be wonderful if every Alpha landowner would have enough pride in ownership to pay the very small dues that are requested. The more owners of Alpha that share the payment of dues, the easier it would be on those who do pay.

Everyone in Alpha benefits from the dues. It would be great if everyone participated.

Cathey L. Wetzel