Down Trees in Alpha

Mule Deer buck in snow

To all property owners within the Pagosa Alpha Subdivision: This communication is for information purposes only.  

In December 2021, there was a significant wind event in the Pagosa Springs area, including the Pagosa Alpha Subdivision vicinity.  As a result of this event many trees, both living and standing dead, were blown over.  

Pagosa Springs is considered a high fire danger area especially in these dry climate times.  With the increasing winds that we have been experiencing this heightens that risk.  There have been Severe Fire Warning notifications put out on public broadcasting venues several times over the last few years.  Last summer a fire was started in our subdivision by a lightning strike in a stand of pine trees, which ignited the accumulated dry pine needles beneath the trees.  Thankfully it was noticed right away and the Pagosa Fire Department was called.  They responded quickly and were able to put out the fire. 

It is in everyone’s best interest to address the downed trees on their property.  This will reduce fire debris and the risk of a potential fire spreading throughout the Pagosa Alpha area.